On set sound recordist and mixer for the worlds leading cancer research company.

Foley for this project was recorded in the studio to emphise the movement of objects moving left to right.

Shot over a couple of days Stateside, our aim for this piece was to simply observe the everyday momentum of New York and to capture the energy of the city. This coincided with the launch of our new US business CDG NYC. Find out more at: www.cdg-nyc.com

Recording Foley for this helped make the animation more engaging.

Creative Director: Jamie Neale Designer: Trehane Taylor Producer: Ella Medcraft Production Manager: Tori Phillips Animator: Jon Burton Sound Design: Jamie Frye Music: Izzy Bizu - Give Me Love (Sony)

For this project all the sounds of Lornas knitting machines on set were record, then edited into samples to create a machine like rhythm to mimic her process and sometimes chaotic workflow. Foley was also recorded to on set to provide a realistic prospective detail of her craft.