Why is sound important to your Film or Animation?

“Sound is 50% of the movie experience" – George Lucas

I can provide an extensive knowledge of sound for moving image and the immersive affect sound can have on the viewer's experience. By using dynamic recording and mixing techniques that support the narrative of the story, sound has the power to send the audience into either a sense of fear or love. Getting the viewer to evoke a state of emotion should be largely sound's responsibility.

Creating a unique soundtrack for your film by using either a music track or bespoke piece of sound design can compliment your brand or help tell a story.  All elements of film sound make it crucial for the audience to understand the sound track.

These elements can be categorised as:

Record - The recording of Voice over, ADR, Music or sound effects.

Edit - Editing audio recorded, Which could be either Voice Over, Sound Effects or Foley.

Design - Designs and organising the sound recorded and created to form a unique and bespoke sound design piece that will transform your film.

Mix - The Mixing and adjustment of sound levels for every element of the sound track from music to sound FX and Voice Over or ADR.

I can assist with all elements of a project from sound recordist/boom op through to the final mix.

I really enjoy taking a project all the way through to completion. working with the producer or editor to collaborate creatively to help tell the story through sound as well as picture.

From independent documentaries and animations, to sonic branding for leading design agencies and companies around the world. I can assist your every sound need no matter what the brief or vision you may have.


Location/Production Sound:

552 Sound Devices Portable Sound Mixer, Sennheiser 416, Racote R4 Shockmount Cradle, Sennheiser G3 Personal Lapel Mic, Boom Pole, Sennheiser HD25ii.


Post Sound:

Live Room/Control Room Mixing and Recording facilities.

Apple Macbook Pro, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Waves Plugins, KRK V6 Monitors, Focusrite Preamps and a range of dynamic and condenser microphones.


£350 Day Rate (with Equipment)

All rates are subject to negotiation depending on project and role.