Booze&Baccy ADVert

This track was written and composed to axt as a stand along bespoke piece of music which was created to match the sonic brief and vision of the brand.

Direction - Jamie Neale & Reuben Armstrong
DOP - Benson Neilan
Sound Recordist/Composer/Sound Designer - Jamie Frye
Production - Tori Phillips
Designer - Iain Crockart

The Artist And The Machine Short

Artist and the machine is a film about a struggling knitting artist based in Hastings. Having shot in the town I gathered recording of the sea and wanted to use that to make up the composition. In an experimental stage I decided to put the sound of the sea through a reverb unit and got some really interesting tones, which made it into the film.

Creative Director/DOP: Reuben Armstrong, DOP: Jamie Neale, Composer/Sound Design: Jamie Frye

De Beers Brand Idents

We were commissioned to design and direct three sequences for the De Beers Innovation Hub, a unique online experience. Through shining, data rich animation we told three stories of De Beers innovation from the past, present and future.

We captured the meticulous, scientific heritage of De Beers as the world’s leading diamond experts; covering their industry innovations from auction sales to exploration techniques.

Client: De Beers
Director: Reuben Armstrong, Post-production: Intro, Sound: Jamie Frye

Sottini Brand Film

Creative Director: Jamie Neale Designers: Ollie Rone-Clarke, Trehane Taylor Producer: Tori Phillips Animator: Dimitris Papadimitriou Sound Design: Jamie Frye