Booze&Baccy ADVert

This track was written and composed to axt as a stand along bespoke piece of music which was created to match the sonic brief and vision of the brand.

Direction - Jamie Neale & Reuben Armstrong
DOP - Benson Neilan
Sound Recordist/Composer/Sound Designer - Jamie Frye
Production - Tori Phillips
Designer - Iain Crockart

The Artist And The Machine Short

Artist and the machine is a film about a struggling knitting artist based in Hastings. Having shot in the town I gathered recording of the sea and wanted to use that to make up the composition. In an experimental stage I decided to put the sound of the sea through a reverb unit and got some really interesting tones, which made it into the film.

Creative Director/DOP: Reuben Armstrong, DOP: Jamie Neale, Composer/Sound Design: Jamie Frye


Sottini Brand Film

Creative Director: Jamie Neale Designers: Ollie Rone-Clarke, Trehane Taylor Producer: Tori Phillips Animator: Dimitris Papadimitriou Sound Design: Jamie Frye